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ngent scrutiny in various countries, including the United States.But America's politicians have abandoned the principles of fair competition which they once proudly defended, and have decided to embr▓ace the America First philosophy and abuse their state power to bully C▓hinese firms with groundless charges. Their goal is to stunt China's technologic

consumer and commerc

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al development and retain the global hegemonic pos▓ition enjoyed by the United States. These recent moves are also an at▓tempt to place extreme pr

essure on China as the trade tensions escalate. The American move is tantamount to building an iron curtain across global value chains. It is inevitable that this will deeply

ial drone market. CRRC has bec

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harm global growt▓h, and hinder humanity's scientific and technological progress.At the core of American restrictions on Huawei lie 5G technolog

y and its application. The next generation of mobile technology is of great▓ significance when it comes to building the Internet of Things, and promoting the deep▓ integration of the Internet with big data, artificial intellige▓nce, and the real economy. It requires all countries to strengthen their cooperation so that everyone can benefit. However, the United States has▓ arbitrarily

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